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1, music fountain project:

     Undertake professional music fountain, music fountain, village square lake floating music fountain, hundreds of meters music fountain and other kinds of music fountain, engineering design, installation and debugging.


2, fountains, engineering design.

        My company has class a design, installation qualification, fountain industry engaged in the fountain design more than ten years, more than a successful classic cases at home and abroad, the company has the excellent design team, to provide customers with the most creative fountain design scheme.


3, digital water curtain engineering:

       My company by Germany, the introduction of international advanced digital water curtain technology, with speed, water nozzle is arranged tightly wait for a characteristic, 110 drencher per meter can be single row layout, for the domestic first, leading technology, the domestic many classic case.


4, fountain installation:

       My company to undertake all kinds of fountain waterscape engineering, with 2000 ㎡ processing workshop, more than engineering and technical personnel, with independent intellectual property rights of computer control system, guaranteed quality, the high-quality goods, to provide the best service to our customers.


5, fountain equipment:

         My company perennial supply fountain pump, LED underwater lights, all kinds of nozzle, the numerical control valve, CNC swing, fountains, special software and complete sets of equipment, welcome people from all walks of life to visit and the choose and buy.